How I got here.

Hi, my name is Dina. I’m a seasoned postpartum doula, mother of two sons, fun-loving nai-nai to my grandchildren, and a big fan of psychological thrillers, rock music, and healthy relationships.

I have nurtured, counseled, and supported countless families throughout my life and often find myself helping stressed-out moms with their babies in stores, restaurants, and airports.  In 2013, I decided it was time to answer my calling and use my talents and skills to work full-time with new parents - so I took the leap, made a midlife career change, became a certified postpartum doula and never looked back.

Doula Services

My custom care for your new family will help you have the best postpartum experience imaginable.

"New parenthood is a time when you need steady, informed voices and hands. It is not a time for confusion, conflicting instruction, or piecemeal information." - Sally Placksin

My path to being a certified postpartum doula.

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