How I got here.

Hi, my name is Dina. I’m a seasoned postpartum doula, mother of two sons, fun-loving nai-nai to my grandchildren, and a big fan of psychological thrillers, rock music, and healthy relationships.

I have nurtured, counseled, and supported countless families throughout my life and often find myself helping stressed-out moms with their babies in stores, restaurants, and airports.  In 2013, I decided it was time to answer my calling and use my talents and skills to work full-time with new parents - so I took the leap, made a midlife career change, became a certified postpartum doula and never looked back.

Doula Services

My custom care for your new family will help you have the best postpartum experience imaginable.


"Dina’s calm personality and ability to really listen and focus on our needs made us feel comfortable right away. Dina even joined us for some of the final midwife visits to get more in sync with our birth plan and be ready to step in almost as soon as we got home. For the first two months of our baby's life she was a regular, constant, and unvaryingly helpful presence.  She didn't just help out with the things we asked for, she took the initiative and helped with things we were too tired to think of." - Will L.


"Throughout the three months time period that Dina spent with us and our newborn baby, we (and our child) never experienced any differences or issues with her presence and/or performance of services. We were actually quite sentimental when Dina advised that her services would no longer be needed by us since our child had outgrown them. To this day, we still remain in contact with Dina and consider her a part of our family. Dina will always be welcome to stop by at any time and see our baby as he continues to grow and develop." - Evan L.


"Dina was a good fit for our family as she quickly picked up on what our needs and issues were.  She was also especially supportive of my difficulties in breastfeeding, and also dealing with visiting family.  She is warm, caring, patient, and intuitive when caring for families and newborns." - Naseem Z.


"I happily met Dina on a visit to welcome my granddaughter.  As an out-of-town grandparent I was concerned that I was unable to provide the needed support for the new family.  Dina was there with kindness and expertise.  She created a sense of calm and made everyone feel capable of caring for an infant. Because of her experience, she offered tips and techniques for newborn care uniquely suited to my granddaughter." - Teresa B.

"New parenthood is a time when you need steady, informed voices and hands. It is not a time for confusion, conflicting instruction, or piecemeal information." - Sally Placksin

My path to being a certified postpartum doula.

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