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Naming Your Baby in California

Choosing a Baby Name in California

Our names tell the world who we are. They help shape our identity and like it or not, people make assumptions and judge us based on our names. Choosing the perfect name for your baby will require a bit more thought than naming a stuffed animal, car, or pet, but it doesn’t have to be…

morning sickness tips from fog city doula

Morning Sickness Tips from Fog City Doula

We all know that nausea and vomiting can be common signs of pregnancy, but did you know that it only affects 50 – 70% of women? Every pregnancy is different. Your mom or best friend may have felt terrible all day long but you might only feel mildly nauseous in the morning. Or you might…

driving while pregnant tips

Driving While Pregnant: Expert Doula Tips

If you’re like most women, you wonder if it’s safe to drive while pregnant. Be sure to have a conversation with your healthcare provider about this topic. In general, it’s fine to drive while sporting a bump as long as you are comfortable and can safely maneuver the car. Before every trip ask yourself how…